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Date: 28 Jan 2009 02:38:43
Subject: Nadal / Simon
Have to say that Nadal has gained tactics intelligence.
He was up 2/0 at the opening of the second, and was really fighting
Then he realized that it wasn't to right choice, because Simon started
to play better and better, winning more rallies than Rafa!

So he simply quit fighting!
Both players held easily their serve to the end of the set.
Then Simon had an UE in the first point... Followed by clever
challenge from Nadal: the call he challenged was a ball he was
playing, and turned out to be out.
So 0/30
It had the pressure on Simon for the first time of the second set
since 2/2.

Then came few rallies, and Nadal won the second set 7/5, breaking

Few more words on this match:
the scoreline is almost flattering for Nadal.
From the 0/2 in the second set Simon had managed his way into Rafa's
No much "vamos" & fist pumping, only at the very end of the second

It's obvious that Nadal is taking Simon very seriously.

Oh, by the time I've been writting this post, Nadal broke Simon in the
third, so it's 2/1 Nadal...
Hope Gilles won't quit mentally & try again and again to break back,
as he did in the second.

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Date: 28 Jan 2009 06:06:10
Subject: Re: Nadal / Simon
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> Simon is not a mental clown like Del Potro.

obviously. mental clowns dont beat fed back to back like simon did
last year....

Date: 28 Jan 2009 10:47:22
From: Stapler
Subject: Re: Nadal / Simon
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Simon is not a mental clown like Del Potro.